Paul Dalton

paul dalton

Paul Dalton

Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
Bradshaw and Holzapfel Research Professor in Transformational Science and Mathematics

Paul Dalton is the Bradshaw and Holzapfel Research Professor in Transformational Science and Mathematics. He undertook graduate studies as part of a bioengineering team at the Lions Eye Institute, Perth, Australia that successfully took an artificial cornea from concept to the clinic. His career has an international perspective, with post-docs at the University of Toronto and RWTH-Aachen followed by research scientist positions at the University of Southampton, England and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. He invented and developed melt electrowriting as a distinct class within 3D-printing with the Queensland University of Technology and has over 25 years’ experience across several disciplines.

He was the first biofabrication professor in Germany and brought the melt electrowriting technology to Europe. Since then, this high-resolution 3D-printing technology has spread to over 25 European laboratories, researched for osteochondral plugs, renal tubes, artificial blood vessels and nerve regeneration. Over five companies have integrated this technique into their bioprinters.

He was originally educated as a materials scientist, but attained interdisciplinary experience in diverse areas of the biomaterial development pipeline. At the Knight Campus, he uses melt electrowriting to fabricate new, advanced, biomaterials that can be translated to clinical applications. Paul has published over 100 research articles in journals that include Advanced Materials Progress in Polymer Science and Nature Materials.