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Nov 13
Graduate School Fair 2024 11:00 a.m.

Should you go to grad school? Going to graduate school is a BIG life decision! You can gain specialized knowledge, research, connections, and expertise in your chosen field, which...
Graduate School Fair 2024
November 13
11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Erb Memorial Union (EMU) Ballroom

Should you go to grad school? Going to graduate school is a BIG life decision! You can gain specialized knowledge, research, connections, and expertise in your chosen field, which can lead to better career opportunities and increased earning potential. However, it's essential to carefully consider your goals, commitment, and financial situation before deciding to pursue further education. Coming to this event is a great first step!

Explore your interest in pursuing an advanced degree at the Graduate School Fair! (11/13 from 11am-3pm in the EMU Ballrooms)

This event offers a valuable opportunity for you to learn about various graduate programs (both at the UO and other top universities!) and the benefits they provide to prepare you for a career in research, academia, or specialized industry roles. Talk to recruiters about the application process and financial aid, or ask them about career outcomes for students who pursue advanced degrees--this is your opportunity to explore and learn!

Whether you're still exploring career paths or ready to apply for the coming year, the fair is open to students at any stage of your academic journey.

Highlights of the fair:

Representatives from graduate programs across the United States (including the University of Oregon), offering a diverse range of degree programs and academic disciplines including: Architecture & Design Business Management Child Behavioral Health Education Environmental Studies Health Sciences Humanities & Arts Law & Legal Studies Media & Communications Public Affairs & Policy STEM Social Sciences and more! Mini-Workshops featuring career readiness coaches, who will demystify the application process, writing your purpose statement, and provide tips for maximizing your experience at the fair.

Don't miss this chance to expand your horizons and discover the possibilities that await you in the world of higher education!

Register on Handshake today to learn about all the schools coming and get tips and advice for how to make the most of the fair.

For more information, visit the Unviersity Career Center in Tykeson-Garden Level to learn more about how the UCC supports students applying to grad school through career coaching and document reviews! 

Joint Science Seminars

Marian Hettiaratchi received the Early Career Award from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. It is the UO’s highest award for early career faculty to recognize and celebrate an emerging and significant record of scholarship and research.
The 2024 Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars are six months into their year-long undergraduate research fellowship experience. You can learn more about the 21 scholars and their projects on the group website
The Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program (KCGIP) welcomed its latest academic cohort of 89 students on Tuesday.

event videos

Science Knight Out with Bala Ambati
Knight Campus research professor and ophthalmologist Bala Ambati talks about some of the ways researchers are addressing eye conditions, ranging from traumatic injury to cataracts.
Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
Chris Gibson highlights the serendipity of science and failure, and the role each played in his journey from PhD student to CEO of a multibillion-dollar public biotech company.
Distinguished Lecture Series
Karen Wooley explores synthetic strategies for the development of polymers, block polymers and crosslinked network materials, which can be produced by relatively simple approaches.
Science Knight Out with Leslie Leve
Leslie Leve discusses the importance of nature and nurture in promoting or disrupting well-being.