Current Associates and Affiliates

The Knight Campus is made up of many people with a variety of interests and strengths of affiliation to each other. We have established programming for faculty, researchers, entrepreneurs and students to support innovation, career development and engaged research. The goal of the Faculty Affiliation Program is to create deeper engagement and build on the impact of Knight Campus programs and opportunities for collaboration with members of the broader community.    

current knight campus associates

ben aleman

Benjamín Alemán    
Associate Professor of Physics
Visit the Alemán Lab

matt barber

Matt Barber     
Assistant Professor of Biology
Visit the Barber Lab

elliot berkman

Elliot Berkman    
Associate Professor of Psychology
Visit the Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab

shannon boettcher

Shannon Boettcher    
Professor of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry
Visit the Boettcher Lab​​​​

carl brozek

Carl Brozek    
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Visit the Brozek Lab

damien callahan

Damien Callahan    
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology
Visit the Muscle Cellular Biology Lab

vickie derose

Vickie DeRose    
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Visit the DeRose Lab

josef dufek

Josef Dufek    
Gwen and Charles Lillis Chair and Professor of Volcanology
Visit the Dufek Lab

phillip fisher

Philip Fisher    
Stanford Graduate School of Education
Visit the Stanford Center on Early Childhood

david garcia

​​​​​​David Garcia    
Assistant Professor of Biology
Visit the Garcia Lab

ian greenhouse

​​​​​​Ian Greenhouse    
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology
Visit the Greenhouse Lab

daniel grimes

Daniel Grimes    
Assistant Professor of Biology
Visit the Grimes Lab

karen guillemin

Karen Guillemin    
Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor of Biology
Visit the Guillemin Lab

Headshot of Mike Hahn

Mike Hahn    
Director of the Bowerman Sports Science Clinic and Professor of Human Physiology
Visit the Hahn Lab

mike haley

Mike Haley    
Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professor of Chemistry
Visit the Haley Lab

adrianne huxtable

Adrianne Huxtable    
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology
Visit the Huxtable Lab

ramesh jasti

Ramesh Jasti    
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Visit the Jasti Lab

Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson    
Professor of Chemistry    
Director, Materials Science Institute
Visit the Johnson Lab

nichole kelly

Nichole Kelly    
Evergreen Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Prevention Science
Visit the RENEW Lab

leslie lieve

Leslie Leve    
Alumni Faculty Professor of Education
Visit the Leve Lab

diana libuda

Diana Libuda    
Assistant Professor of Biology
Visit the Libuda Lab

shawn lockery

Shawn Lockery    
Professor of Biology
Visit the Lockery Lab

michelle marneweck

Michelle Marneweck    
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology 
Visit the Motor Skill Lab

david mccormick

David McCormick    
Presidential Chair and Director of the Institute of Neuroscience
View McCormick's Research

andrew nelson

Andrew Nelson    
Professor of Management
Visit the Nelson Research Site

ken-ichi noma

Ken-ichi Noma    
Professor of Biology
Visit the Noma Lab

raghu parthasarathy

Raghuveer Parthasarathy    
Alec and Kay Keith Professor of Physics
Visit the Parthasarathy Lab

ellen peters

Ellen Peters    
Philip H. Knight Chair and Director of the Center for Science Communication Research
View Publications

Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips    
Professor of Biology
Visit the Phillips Lab

mike pluth

Mike Pluth    
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Visit the Pluth Lab

matt smear

Matt Smear    
Assistant Professor of Psychology
View Research Interests and Publications

hollie smith

Hollie Smith    
Assistant Professor of Science and Environmental Communication
Visit the MCST Website

nicki swann

​​​​​Nicole Swann    
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology
Visit the Swann Lab

don tucker

Don Tucker    
Professor of Psychology
Visit the Brain Electrophysiology Lab

Annie Zemper

Annie Zemper 
Assistant Professor of Biology
Visit the Zemper Lab​​​​


current knight campus Affiliates

Mark Blaine    
​​​​​​Professor of Practice and Associate Director for Science Communication Research

Gee Choi    
Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science

Benjamin Y. Clark    
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management and Co-Director of the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement

John Clithero    
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Amanda Cook-Sneathen    
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Eric Corwin    
Associate Professor of Physics

Jonathan Davis    
Assistant Professor of Economics

Ellen Eischen    
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Judith Eisen    
Professor of Biology and Neuroscience

Stephen Fickas    
Professor of Computer and Information Science

Kristie Gibson    
Supervising Attorney and Instructor in the Business Law Clinic

Brian Gillis    
Professor of Art and Ceramics Coordinator

Joanna Goode    
Sommerville Knight Professor of Education Studies

Kenton Gregory    
Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University

Marina Guenza    
Professor or Chemistry and Biochemistry

Scott Hansen    
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ralph Heidl    
Inman Research Scholar and Associate Professor of Management

Kathleen Freeman Hennessy    
Senior Instructor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Computer and Information Science

Adam Higgins    
Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Oregon State University

Emilie Hooft    
Associate Professor and Associate Head in the Department of Earth Sciences

Jenefer Husman    
Professor and Department Head of Education Studies

Santiago Jaramillo    
Associate Professor of Biology

Andy Karduna    
Professor of Human Physiology

Kristin Kohler    
Research Associate in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Sean Kohles    
Research Professor of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University's School of Medicine, Research Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University's School of Dentistry, and Courtesy Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon

Saurabh Lall    
Assistant Professor of Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Lauren Lanahan    
Assistant Professor of Management

Nathan Lillegard    
Program Manager and Instructor of Management

Chris Liu    
Inman Research Scholar and Assistant Professor of Management

Mohsen Manesh    
Professor of Law

Luca Mazzucato    
Assistant Professor of Physics

Grant McDermott    
Assistant Professor of Economics

Stephen McKeon    
Associate Professor of Finance

Ben McMorran    
Associate Professor of Physics

Adam Miller    
Assistant Professor of Biology

Nicolae Morar    
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy

Cassandra Moseley    
Vice Provost for Academic Operations and Strategy

Alex Murray    
Assistant Professor of Management

Nagesh Murthy    
Roger Engemann Professor of Operations and Business Analytics

James Murray    
Assistant Professor of Biology, Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Physics

Brad Nolen    
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Boyana Norris    
Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science

Jayson Paulose    
Assistant Professor of Physics

Catherine Poulsen    
Courtesy Appointment and Research Associate of Psychology

Mary Polites    
Assistant Professor of Architecture

Eric Priest    
Professor of Law

Teresa Rapp    
Assistant Professor, Materials Science Institute

Jen Reynolds    
Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Programs and Associate Professor of Law

Rori Rohlfs    
Hildegard Lamfrom Associate Professor of Data Science

Kory Russel    
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

Autumn Shafer    
Associate Professor in School of Journalism and Communication

Humphrey Shi    
Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science

Kirstin Sterner    
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Beth Stormshak    
Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor in the Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department in the College of Education

Emily Sylwestrak    
Assistant Professor of Biology and Neuroscience

Emily Tanner-Smith    
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Research in Counseling Psychology and Human Services

Richard Taylor    
Department Head and Professor of Physics 

Douglas Toomey    
Oregon Hazards Lab Director and Professor 

Arafaat Valiani    
Associate Professor Graduate Faculty in the Department of Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies and Global Health

Ashley Walker    
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology

Mindy Wittkop    
Director and Supervising Attorney in the School of Law

Peter Younkin    
Assistant Professor of Management

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski    
Kenneth M. and Kenda H. Singer Science Librarian