Genomics in Action from Jan. 25-27 brings together industry and academic leaders to present and discuss bioinformatic approaches and explore internship opportunities for master's students.
Researchers reflect back on a busy year and look forward to new projects
Knight Campus bioengineering faculty member Marian Hettiaratchi has been awarded $75,000 from MTF Biologics.
A recently published paper by assistant professor Gabriella Lindberg features an illustration by recruiting manager Chakris Kussalanant.
The Knight Campus Department of Bioengineering presented Flash Talks on Dec. 5, featuring short talks from the newest cohort of bioengineering Ph.D students
This year’s cohort is the largest to date with 16 members and reflects our strong support for Oregon residents and for women in STEM, who came together for a year-end celebration on Dec. 6.
Come check out this dynamic work environment and explore the many opportunities available by attending the Knight Campus Career Opportunities Open House on Monday, December 19, from 3:00-5:00pm.
As part of the Bioengineering Seminar Series, the Knight Campus Department of Bioengineering will present a series of Flash Talks — short presentations delivered by Ph.D. students from the 2022 cohort
Knight Campus Professor Keat Ghee Ong and researchers in the Department of Bioengineering are developing implantable biosensors that help patients recover more quickly after surgery
The Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program is a key player in a newly funded STEM pipeline program