Distinguished Lecture Series

Knight Campus Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series with Joseph M. DeSimone

"The Delicate Interplay Between Light, Interfaces and Design: 3D Printing of Next Generation Controlled Release Systems"

Held on Oct. 27, 2023 
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Thank you for joining us at the Knight Campus 2023 Distinguished Lecture Series, "The Delicate Interplay Between Light, Interfaces and Design: 3D Printing of Next Generation Controlled Release Systems," featuring Dr. Joseph M. DeSimone from Stanford University.

Dr. DeSimone is the Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Professor of Translational Medicine, Professor of Chemical Engineering and, by courtesy of Chemistry of Materials Science and Engineering, and of Operations, Information and Technology at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

The production of polymer products relies largely on age-old molding techniques. A major reason for this is that additive methods have not delivered meaningful alternatives to traditional processes—until now. In this talk, Dr. DeSimone will describe Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology, which embodies a convergence of advances in software, hardware, and materials to bring the digital revolution to polymer additive manufacturing. CLIP uses software-controlled chemistry to produce commercial quality parts rapidly and at scale by capitalizing on the principle of oxygen-inhibited photopolymerization to generate a continual liquid interface of uncured resin between a forming part and a printer’s exposure window. Instead of printing layer-by-layer, this allows layerless parts to ‘grow’ from a pool of resin, formed by light. Compatible with a wide range of polymers, CLIP opens major opportunities for innovative products across diverse industries. Previously unmakeable products are already manufactured at scale with CLIP, including the large-scale production of running shoes by Adidas (Futurecraft 4D); masscustomized football helmets by Riddell; the world’s first FDA-approved 3D printed dentures; and numerous parts in automotive, consumer electronics, and medicine. At Stanford, Dr. Simone's lab is pursuing new advances including digital therapeutic devices in pediatric medicine, new multi-materials printing approaches, recyclable materials, and the design of a high-resolution printer to advance technologies in the microelectronics and drug/vaccine delivery areas, including novel microneedle designs as a potent vaccine delivery platform.

Group Website: https://desimonegroup.stanford.edu/

The Knight Campus Distinguished Lecture is an annual event designed to bring nationally and internationally recognized science, technology and engineering leaders to the University of Oregon community to give their perspective on the future of their fields.

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