The Future Biomedical Engineer

Center for Translational Biomedical Research

Principal Investigator and Mentor: Knight Campus Associate Professor Paul Dalton

External Funding: TBD

Candidate: Recruiting in process

Hospitals around the world are using three-dimensional printing to streamline and augment the delivery of health services, improving outcomes and affordability. This crosses multiple perspectives including 1) 3D printing of physical models from CT data for surgical planning, 2) fabrication of realistic tissue equivalents to train in specific surgeries 3) production of assistive tools for reducing operation times 4) development of novel biomaterial pipeline that aims to improve current standards.

It is envisioned that by 2030, a biomedical engineer will be part of most modern surgical teams. This proposal is aimed at commencing this vision in Oregon, using the advanced 3D printing and manufacturing tools available at Knight Campus to partner with medical personnel at PeaceHealth to deliver tools for patient care from multiple perspectives. In the time frame of the proposal, the infrastructure required for 3D printed products from patient data will be established and implemented for surgical planning. The application will enable an early stage researcher to perform a job that does not yet exist, but one that the future will demand through improved outcomes inpatient care.

Principal Investigator and Mentor:

paul dalton

Paul Dalton
Associate Professor, Knight Campus