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Recent Publications

The Synergy of Biomimetic Design Strategies for Tissue Constructs

Alliance at Oregon Principal Investigator Paul Dalton and Kansas University collaborators Hannah Haag and Veerle Bloemen review Advanced Functional Materials and strategies for tissue construction. 

Sex Differences in VO2max and the Impact on Endurance-Exercise Performance

This study by Alliance at Oregon Principal Investigator Christopher Minson and collaborators Andrew Lovering and John Halliwill highlights what is known about the sex differences in the physiological factors contributing to VO2max, more specifically oxygen delivery, and the impacts on performance. 

Enhancing the efficacy of osteoarthritis treatment

Nick Willet, Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at Oregon co-director, and colleagues examine how the sodium alginate microencapsulation of human mesenchymal stromal cells modulates paracrine signaling response and enhances efficacy for treatment of established osteoarthritis. 

Optoelectronic shear strain

Mike Hahn, Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance (HPA) at Oregon co-director, Keat Ghee Ong, HPA at Oregon Principle Investigator, Michael McGeehan, Postdoctoral Scholar in the Ong Lab, and colleagues evaluate optical-based sensing of shear strain using reflective color patterns. 

Uphill sprinting load– and force–velocity profiling: Assessment and potential applications

This study aimed to quantify the validity and reliability of load–velocity (LV) relationship of hill sprinting using a range of different hill gradients and to describe the effect of hill gradient on sprint performance.