Wu Tsai Alliance Research Symposium 2023

A man stands at a podium with a large screen behind him

The Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at Oregon hosted the Spring Research Symposium on May 25 at Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact with about 60 people in attendance.

Along with presentations by Department of Bioengineering students, the symposium included several guest speakers and awards for best student presentations.

Associate Professor Nick Willett opened the symposium with a presentation. There were presentations throughout the day from students representing labs across the entire University of Oregon scientific community.

Among the many UO student presentations, labs at Knight Campus were represented by the following students:

  • Nataliia Shchotkina, The Lindberg Lab
  • Matt Hofmann, The Lindberg Lab
  • Nick Pancheri, The Guldberg and Willett labs
  • Jonathan Dorogin, The Hettiaratchi Lab
  • Jarod Forer, the Hahn and Willett labs
  • Hide Hayashi, The Hahn Lab
  • Kylie Williams, The Guldberg Lab
  • Lucas Bambaren, The Ong Lab
  • Patrick Hall, The Dalton Lab

Guest speakers at the day-long symposium included Hannah Dugdale an Assistant Professor at Loughborough University, Owen Davies an Associate Professor in Regenerative Biology at Loughborough University, and a keynote presentation by Robin Queen who is a Professor of Biomechanics and the Vice President of the Virginia Tech Faculty Senate.

The symposium concluded with an award presentation for the three best student presentations of the day. The awards were given to Kylie Williams (first place), Nick Pancheri (second place), and Grace Privett (third place).