Meet a Scientist event highlights Knight Campus Trainees

Knight Campus bioengineering trainees David Frey and Tyler Guyer will be presenting at the monthly “Meet a Scientist” event at the Eugene Science Center, from 10 a.m.  to noon on May 27. Billed as an opportunity to meet scientists from the community, learn about their exciting research, and ask questions, the monthly event aligns with the center’s mission of inspiring scientific curiosity and fostering critical thinking.

I am extremely excited to teach the community about hydrogels and how they are leveraged in bioengineering research,” said Frey, a second-year Knight Campus Bioengineering PhD student from Atlanta who works with neural implants. “I think ‘Meet a Scientist Day’ will be a great opportunity to not only spark the love for science in the eyes of young students, but to also enhance the impact of Knight Campus research through community engagement."

Promotional poster for Meet a Scientist!

Frey and Guyer — a fourth-year bioengineering PhD student and native Oregonian who is researching bone injuries and how they are affected by the immune system, with hopes of uncovering new ways to help human patients heal and thrive — will share the stage with 2012 Nobel Laureate David Wineland. A research professor in the Department of Physics, Wineland received the Nobel Prize for his work applying quantum physics to computing. Addy Pletcher, a UO grad student pursuing a master’s degree in Geography, will also be participating in the event.

In last month’s April 28 Meet a Scientist event, Knight Campus Department of Bioengineering Chair Danielle Benoit shared her research on regenerative medicine and drug delivery applications.


— Malvika Singhal