Inside the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Cruise through this guided virtual tour of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, an ambitious effort to integrate research, training, and entrepreneurship into a single, nimble, interdisciplinary enterprise. The UO will celebrate a grand opening in December. 

Video of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus virtual tour is provided by our architectural team at Ennead and BORA.

Franklin Street Ground Entrance

In this video, as we approach the building, you see classrooms for the Accelerated Master's Program. We enter the main entrance, walk down the corridor, a wellness room for faculty and staff on your right, a welcoming cafe, and as we turn, we'll look at a public space down in the basement with inviting soft seating.


In this video, we go down the steps and see a research clean room on the right. All our shared core facilities have large windows into the public spaces to share the scientific process. Ahead are more facilities with 3D printing, electronics rapid prototyping, and additive manufacturing. The public space has soft seating and workspaces. An imaging facility is at the far end of the corridor.

North Millrace Entrance

In this video, we exit the building at the Millrace. As part of the project, we have rehabilitated a whole block of the waterway on both banks and re-engineered a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to the North Campus. The project is meant to restore native plantings and includes a waterfall feature to push aerated water back into the Willamette River downstream. Note the canopy providing shelter over the second floor terrace and the windows on the seminar room to your right.

Seminar Room

The 150-seat seminar room serves as the primary forum for the Knight Campus's support of innovative education models to mentor engage and train the next generation of applied scientists.

West Innovation Entry

In this video, we approach the building from Onyx Street and Franklin Boulevard, likely to be a heavy pedestrian entryway into the building. As we enter the building, three more classrooms are located to your left. Note the distinctive hanging staircase that is sure to be a remarkable design element in the building. As we get to the top of the stair and head left, we will see the entry to the director suite ahead.

Franklin Boulevard Bridge

Like Hayward Field, the Franklin Boulevard bridge at the Knight Campus is destined to become an iconic landmark at the University of Oregon bridging the scientific breakthroughs in the labs of basic research scientists with the opportunities afforded through the translational research programs of the Knight Campus. We enter the Innovation Center which includes three private laboratory bays, open desk space and meeting rooms and a wet lab space that will have a rent by the bench model for groups wishing to move their research discoveries into the marketplace.

Second Floor Terrace

The second-floor terrace is an inviting outdoor space nestled on the second floor, summoning researchers and students to continue collaborating while the Eugene landscape offers environmental inspiration and respite from the workplace. We expect this space will be in heavy demand for events.

Materials Lab

The second-floor east tower has instructional laboratories for our accelerated master's program, the Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program. This shows the chemistry intensive lab.

Third Floor Connector Bridge

The Knight Campus was designed for teamwork and collaboration. The connectors between the two towers are light-filled and welcoming and a second hanging staircase between the third and fourth floors enhances the feeling of close proximity between lab programs. We now walk through the open plan write-up spaces which are adjacent to the shared P.I. wet lab spaces. Note the two-story windows bringing in natural light and as we turn back to the write up spaces you see the mezzanine with private offices for the faculty.