Building 2

An aerial perspective rendering of two modern buildings

Knight Campus Building 2

Designed by Portland-based ZGF Architects, Knight Campus Building 2 will double the campus’ capacity for research and development of new biomedical technologies with additional room for its expanding academic programs.

“Building 2 will enable us to grow our critical mass of talent and encourage the convergence of science, technology, and people,” said Robert Guldberg, Vice President and Robert and Leona DeArmond Executive Director. “Building 2 puts the “Campus” in Knight Campus creating the space for engineering with an emphasis on meeting the needs of engineering students who will train there to become the biomedical innovators of tomorrow.”

Scheduled to open in 2026, the new building emphasizes engineering research and training with amenities that include a student maker space for students to learn, prototype and test their inventions. It is expected to house 20-23 research groups focused on bioengineering and biomedical computational science.

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Construction Webcam

You can keep up with construction happening in real-time for Building 2! Check out our live construction feed to see our new building's progress every day. 

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Titanium molds, micro 3d prints and other scaffolds alongside artist rendering of Building 2 exterior
Inspired Design

The exterior of Building 2 takes inspiration from the faceted façade of Building 1 and the elegant, biomaterial scaffolding created in Knight Campus labs including the graceful custom implants from the Guldberg Lab and the intricate micro 3D scaffolds from the Dalton Lab

Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholar Ethan Dinh posing against a gray sky
Building 2 — Student Impact

"The second Knight Campus building, with its emphasis on research and development of biomedical technologies, will further my training and help me achieve my career goal of teaching and conducting research to improve patient care by leveraging machine learning predictive algorithms."

— Ethan Dinh, Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholar and recent Goldwater Scholarship recipient


Knight Campus Building 2 Timeline



    April 2023



    May 2023

    Full design reveal


    July 2023

    Construction crane up


    Summer 2024

    Building topped


    Spring 2026


Artist's rendering of experimental lab

Artist rendering of Building 2 experimental lab

Building 2 Construction Underway

Construction has begun on the second building in the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, a 185,000-square-foot, multi-story bioengineering and applied science research facility located along Riverfront Research Parkway.

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Watch the Reveal Presentation

The full video of Executive Director Bob Guldberg's remarks on Building 2.

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Building Our Future

Artist renderings of the spaces in and around Building 2, created by Mir for ZGF Architects


Night rendering of a modern building, image by Mir

Dark Night

Artist rendering of Building 2 at night with a view of the pedestrian bridge between it and Building 1

Dark Night Rendering

Artist rendering by Mir

South Plaza

Artist rendering of Building 2 south plaza courtyard with pedestrian bridge to Building 1

South Plaza Rendering


Artist rendering by Mir of a foyer in a modern building


Artist rendering of Building 2's lobby with wood panels, centerpiece stairwell, and glass overlooks

Lobby Rendering

Artist rendering by Mir of a staircase in a modern building

Center Stairwell

Artist rendering of Building 2's stairwell that weaves throughout the building from the first floor to the top

Stair Rendering


Artist rendering by Mir of balconies overlooking a courtyard on a modern building

Building 2 Views

Artist rendering of the western entrance and courtyard as seen from the many balconies

Black and White Rendering

Artist rendering of two modern buildings as seen from above

Doubling the Impact

Artist rendering of Building 2 next to Building 1 as seen from above

Aerial Rendering